Stranraer Show

Here, you will find all you need to know about the Stranraer Show, its events, location and all kinds of related information that you might find useful.

Having been participating in these events for years now, we know all about The Agricultural Society’s work and what they have in store for the upcoming events in this annual celebration of rural culture.

Stranraer Show is all about that. People from all over the country come to these exhibitions. They let others see their livestock, technology, machinery and share their experience of modern-day farming as well as tips about farm economy and more.

The Show encapsulates many events that take place in a single day in summer. This year, the occasion will take place on the 31st of July. There are already loads of amazing exhibitions and other events hosted by the members planned.

If you are an aspiring farmer who would like to participate in the event as an exhibitor, you can easily join the magnificent event. To do so, simply contact us and we will redirect you through to the Stranraer & Rhins of Galloway Agricultural Society, which is the organiser of the event. Alternatively, you can contact the society directly and they’ll relay all the necessary information.

In the event, all the showcases are separated into two main categories. There are livestock events and home crafts events. A schedule is organised in a way which allows the visitors to see all the cultivators, breeders, farmers and their crafts with enough time to pay proper attention.

And if you’re interested in all that, browse our website for news, updates and informative articles widely related to everything that Stranraer Show stands for.